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KMSAuto Net for Windows and Office All Version Activator [2021]

KMSAuto Net for MS Windows & Office Activator Full Version Free Download [Latest]

KMSAuto Net 2021 is a widely-acclaimed software that is used for MS Windows operating system and office activation. This implies that both the MS Office and Windows can be used without purchasing them. For a computer user that has any Windows that is yet to be activated can simply use KMSAuto software. It can be used to enjoy the features of MS Windows and office for a very long period of time. It works with certain principles. A virtual server is developed on a computer system. The virtual server is substituted as the real developer site. With this process, the application is activated. At the end of the activation process, the virtual server will be deleted. A user can, therefore, request for creation of automatic reactivation.

KMSAuto Net for Windows and Office
KMSAuto Net for MS Windows

This program also works in two main ways.  Firstly, it works in the CCM Auto No. this mode is automatic. A user that makes use of this mode does not need many controllers. The application makes use of the best means in activating and applying itself. The other method is the manual way (NoAuto). This method is a recommended for the only experienced users. Another way apart from those ways is the Hook mode. Here, a modified file replaces an original file in use before. Another known means is called TAP. A special interface is installed in the operating system. This allows the activation to be carried out. We have two TAP drivers. Both two drivers are meant to be installed in the computer system. Also, WinDivert mode is another way in which the software works. This mode installs a special driver into your operating system. With this, a connection is made to the KMS server.  Therefore, the product will be activated. Driver Booster PRO Key is an also utility tool that been used all over the world.

KMSAuto Net Free Download

The software can be customized to suit the user and you can free download KMSAuto Net using the link below. A man can switch in between the mode. Several taps are in this software. They are “About the Program”, and “Main Window”. They are having their functions. At the “About the Program”, information on KMSAuto lite tool can be seen. Some other options like professional mode, settings, utilities, and advanced are present here. The settings help the user to configure the software. Like turning off of sounds, splashing of a screen, and so on. The setting of GVLK-key, accounts, administrative services, events, scheduler, and resetting of an invisible system are found under the utility option.

KMSAuto Net Activating Office
Office Activator


  1. Clean and safe software. Free of harmful contents
  2. Enhancement of computer system performance
  3. Solving the problem encountered by a computer system
  4. Activation is usually done within a few seconds
  5. It is a free software
  6. It gives a user the opportunity of using it with ease
  7. An interface with the user-friendly element
  8. It is compatible with any kind of antivirus software
  9. It offers permanent activation
  10. The most used application when it comes to activating of MS Windows products.
  11. It supports Office 2018 and Windows 10
  12. It is an interactive tool convenient for users
  13. It can also detect viruses, thereby poses no harm to the system
  14. Boosting the functionality and performance of a computer system

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What is KMSAuto Net & How Utilize it ?

This software comes with several benefits. Some of the benefits that can make you choose this over other software are

  1. It has no limitation: This activator has no limitation to any features. Unlike another activator, you can easily activate what you what to.
  2. It is clean and safe: This activator is a software that is very safe to use. A user who is interested in using a safe and clean activator should choose KMSAuto Net. It does not harm the computer system. It can be easily used to activate Microsoft Windows program.
  3. Unlocking of cool features: with the use of this software, the limitation set by Microsoft Windows can be unlocked. There are some features you won’t have access to. But with the activation of KMSAuto Net, you will be granted access to them.
  4. Make paid version to be free: MS Windows and office programs usually come with a fee. In other to enjoy the full version, you need to pay for the license key. But with KMS tool you won’t need to pay for the program’s activation again.
  5. Offline Activation: Most software sometimes requires you to be connected to the internet for activation. But for KMS tool, you don’t necessarily need to be online. Activation can be done offline.
  6. Permanent Activation: there are other ways of registering Microsoft products but are always temporary. It, therefore, brings the issue of re-registering almost every time. Here, this software comes with the opportunity of making permanent activation. It can be used for a longer period of time.


  • User-friendly interface makes it a choice for many users
  • Good reference system
  • Exhibit high speed when working


  • It requires a user to receive adequate training on it
  • It requires a user to pay a certain fee in other to enjoy all the features

System requirements

KMSAuto Net does not require much required to run. It simply requires the few things listed below:

  • MS Operating systems: Windows Vista 7, Windows 8, Windows 8.1, Windows 10, Server 2008, 2008 R2, 2012, 2012 R2, Office 2010/2013/2016
  • Your system must have NET Framework 4.5
  • For running purpose, you must add file KMSSS.exe to your antivirus. It will be excluded from a malicious element.
  • Administrator privileges are needed also
  • Free space of 5MB on the hard disk

How to Crack ?

  1. Download the KMSAuto Net setup file
  2. Locate the file in the directory
  3. Set and run the file name “KMSAuto Net.exe in the directory”. Run it as an administrator.
  4. Make sure that interface is used. If you need to make use of more features, click on professional mode button.
  5. Actually, the simplest and best way to use the software is choosing option automatic mode.
  6. But in manual mode, you will need to activate the office and MS Windows.

Final Conclusion

The author has use KMSAuto Net many times for activating the windows and office and for all version. Therefore, you can use it risk free.

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